You can transfer 1% of your previous year’s paid income tax without any loss to your own income…

…to K2 Funsports Club
25 Feb 2010

Dear Friends of K2,

Hungarian 1% law allows taxpayers to give 1% of their personal income tax bill to an organisation of their choice (one that complies with certain legal requirements of course) without any loss to their own income. This is not an additional tax bill. By choosing to transfer the 1% amount you will not be paying more tax but instead, 1% of the amount you would normally pay as income tax will go to a beneficiary organisation.

K2 Funsport Club is a public benefit non-profit organisation that pays its running costs form membership fees and private donations.

If you find our activities worthy of support please donate your 1% to K2.

K2 tax registration number: 18063428 – 2 – 41.

Thanks for your help:

K2 Funsports Club