Which one is the good goggles and helmet?

02 Jan 2020

We would like to help you choose ski or snowboard goggles and helmets! At the K2 Ski and Snowboard Center we are waiting for our customers with over 140 helmets and more than 200 goggles.

Our head, the helmet and the goggles are in one unit, which, if at point it is wrong, is nowhere near providing the same security and the comfort as the elements fitting into each other. It's a good idea to start with the helmet, and definitely you should try on more brands, because it's not sure that the first one is the winner, which looked the best.

The helmet has to sit on the surface of our head, it's not enough that the strap tightens. It has to lie down without the strap, and it's good if an expert check it. This is also true here - like ski boots- that after a time it reveals which brand suits us best, then the trial may shorten slightly.

If you have the helmet, next one is the goggles. You should try the same brand, because there is a good chance that the two accessories were designed for each other, they are even offered as set. Many of the skiers used the traditional sunglasses before the helmets period. If you use helmet (USE it! ), please forget the sunglasses! 

Ski or snowboard goggles must fit perfectly to our face and helmet, otherwise it will be uncomfortable, they push each other into a wrong way, or the ventilation of the system won't be good. The wind will blow if there is a big opening between the helmet and the goggles. First of all the goggles must perfectly fit for our cheekbone, and also very important that it shouldn't push the helmet back or forward.

It's not accidental that we start this article with the importance of unit between our face and the accessories- before safety and quality- because it also determine how safe we feel. These safety equipments must meet more expectations!

The helmets in official distribution must be met for CE standard, so these products protect against common head injuries. The American standard is stricter then the European, so the products with this mark are even safer.

It's clear that the more expensive products with advanced technology give us more security. It's also true with the goggles. In case of more expensive lens the spens of space is better and they work very well in an even wider spectrum. We can see well in a wider angle and realize the danger that may be facing us. 

Thanks to the lenses that provide maximum contrast in all conditions, we can more easily detect tiny irregularities in the track, which are much harder to spot on a white surface with a lesser quality lens. It's more expensive if we choose high quality goggles with changeable lens. The cheaper ones with snap technology without gloves in the cold weather on ski resorts don't really work. 

First of all please check out the whole selection and come into our shop tor try, we will help you!

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