VIII. VOLVO-K2 Cup Ski and Snowboard Competition…

official call for participation
13 Dec 2009

VIII. VOLVO-K2 Cup Ski and Snowboard Competition and Ski Championship for Disabled Skiers

Bónis Ferenc Grand Slalom (GS) memorial race

Official call for participation

Időpont DATE: 9-10 January 2010

Helyszín LOCATION: Kreischberg / Murau Steiermark (Austria)

Murau - Kreishberg

Szolgáltatások SKI

  • • Amateur: adult (a) and child (c) one run grand slalom and freestyle Child I-II: slalom.
  • • Racers: SI – adult and monoski two-run grand slalom(GS) (SI, SII one run GS), two-run slalom. Attention: Point earner.
  • • Family race: Minimum 3 constitutes a team (2 c – 1 a, 1 c – 2 a). The total points accumulated in grand slalom by team members make the score for the team. For teams with more than 3 members the best 3 scores are added up.

    The race is part of the VII. Hungarian Cup series.

Sí verseny

Szolgáltatások SNOWBOARD

  • • MSBSZ Cup Run - Parallel grand slalom (PGS) Big Air (BA).

    “MUMUS” freestyle ski and snowboard team competition (participants are invited).

    The race is part of the Hungarian Snowboard Cup series.

Snowboard verseny

Egyéb programok Race events’ schedule

Friday 8 January 2010:

  • • Technical meeting: 6pm (ski racers and monski) Hotel zum Brauhaus - Murau

Saturday 9 January 2010:

  • • Grand Slalom
    MMonoski and ski racers start 1st run 9am WM track
    Mini I-II start 10am
    Amateur race planned start 11.30am
    Monoski and racers planned start 2nd run 11am

    practice run 1st run 8.15 - 8.45am
    practice run 2nd run 10.15 – 10.45am or official announcement.
    Snowboard ski freestlye “Big Air” race start 11am (location as above)
    Snowboard parallel grand slalom start 4pm CUP RUN WM track
    announcement of results: 7pm, Hotel Zum Brauhaus – Murau
    party after a long day on the slopes with live music, Hotel zum Brauhaus beer cellar

Sunday 10 January 2010:

  • • Slalom
    Monoski, racers 1st run start: 9am WM track
    Monoski, racers 2nd run planned start: 12am

    practice run 1st run 8.15 - 8.45am
    practice run 2nd run 10.15 – 10.45am or official announcement
    Snowboard “MUMUS” start:11am (location as above)
    announcement of results: 2pm / 2.30pm

Síversenyző Snowboardos

Skiing categories:

  • • 2006-05 Mini I. amateur boy/girl
  • • 04-03 Mini II amateur boy/girl
  • • 02-01 Child I. amateur boy/girl
  • • 00-99 Child II. amateur boy/girl
  • • 98-97 Junior I amateur / racer boy/girl
  • • 96-95 Junior II amateur / racer boy/girl
  • • 94-90 Young adult (ifi) amateur /racer boy/girl
  • • 89-75 Adult amateur / racer man/woman
  • • 74-55 Senior I amateur man/woman
  • • 54-45 Senior II amateur man/woman
  • • 1944- Senior III amateur man/woman

Snowboard and Freestyle Ski categories:

Grand Slalom, Freestyle:

  • • 2000-95 Child boy/girl
  • • 94-91 Junior boy/girl
  • • 1990- Adult man/woman

K2 Volvo kupa 2010

pic_7 Application deadlines:

Reduced entry fees before 31 December 2009

Részvételi díj Entry fees before 31 December 2009:

  • Racer: 2,500 HUF
  • Child MsíSZ „B” (under 18 years): 2,500 HUF
  • Child: 2,700 HUF
  • Adult: 3,200 HUF

pic_7 Final deadlines for entry:

  • Racers: Technical meeting 8 January 2010, 6pm Hotel zum Brauhaus – Murau (No racers’ entries accepted on the day of the race!)
  • Amateurs: before 6 pm 8 January 2010, limited number of entries accepted on location.

Részvételi díj Entry fees after 1 January 2010:

  • Racer: 3,000 HUF
  • Child MsíSZ „B” (under 18 years): 3,000 HUF
  • Child (under 18 years): 3,500 HUF
  • Adult: 4,000 HUF

Entry fees cover food and drink (sausage, soft drink/beer) at the official winner’s presentation event.

Only skiers with a valid insurance policy are allowed to enter the competition. Insurance may be purchased when entering with the organisers.

Eredményhírdetés Eredményhírdetés

All participants enter at their own risk. Organisers take no responsibility whatsoever for accidents of any kind.

Race medical men: Dr. Baktai József and Dr. Svéd Tamás

Race director: Vági Zoltán

Organiser: K2 Ski&Snowboard Centre, K2 Funsports Club, K2-Freestyle S.C.

Prizes: I-II-III. places medal and certificate of merit. Present for all competitors. Family competition: cup for I-II-III. places and certificate of merit for all participating families.


  2 days 3 days 4 days
Children (under 18) 30.-€ 45.-€ 58,50.-€
Adult 54.-€ 80,50.-€ 104,50.-€

Info Application and more information:

K2 Ski & Snowboard Centre: Budapest, 1036 Pacsirtamező str. 16
Tel.: +36-1-453-0819, +36-30/383-2930, +36-30/941-4034
on race days call: +43 664 6555358, +43 664 5979643

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