Travel, accident, sickness and luggage insurance

09 Dec 2013

You can affect the AXA Világjáró (AXA Globe-trotter) travel insurance package in our shop.


Advantages with AXA Globe-trotter

  • Gives assistance in case of an accident or sickness when travelling abroad
  • After your return home AXA refunds your relevant expenses
  • The insurance covers luggage impairment, loss or theft
  • AXA covers the costs of prolonged stay abroad due to elongated medical attendance
  • Costs covered for immediate relatives
  • AXA arranges transportation home
  • Assistance in case of motor-car breakdown included
  • AXA provides legal protection

Insurance rates of AXA Globe-trotter:


  ** **** *****+*
1-3 days 1.050 HUF 1.250 HUF 1.850 HUF
For longer than 3 days, for each day from
the first day on
  330 HUF   390 HUF   590 HUF
Discount Children’s discount for a child
under 18 years of agetravelling
with at least one parent
50 % 50% 50 %